REO STAND AT BREAKBULK EUROPE 2019 in Bremen, Germany.

REO Invitation   REO Invitation

REO International Limited (Liberia) celebrates 9 years this July 2019 as Lloyd's Agent for Liberia. We are very proud to be a part of this great insurance market through the Lloyd's Network Department.

Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing is available at REO International offices in the USA and Africa. Using the Sherlog Ultrasonic Tester, hatch cover tightness testing is more accurate than ever. Giving confidence and assurances to P&I Clubs, Owners, and vessel management agencies of the safety of their vessels and cargo while at sea.
REO International guaranteed high-quality services using state-of-the-art high-tech equipment.
Solid Bulk Loading using high-tech equipment and customized programs in compliance with IMSBC Code during loading ensure vessel and crew safety on bulk carrier. We cover all of African Ports

Our Goal:

To make available to the maritime, insurance, petroleum, general cargo traders and mining industries; competitive and high-quality choices by providing the most cost efficient and high-tech quality inspection, sampling and testing services in the United States of America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.


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